Sue BD Stables

An equestrian training facility offering lessons in western, english and trail riding.

Jared McDonald

Jared believes in a natural, horse-first approach to riding. His emphasis is on the horse and rider relationship, and the goal of every ride is to improve that relationship. Born and raised around working stock horses in Oklahoma, Jared is able to start green horses and finish those that need a polish. In the tradition of Chris Cox and Carson James, he believes in a natural start to the gentling process; there is no breaking. From starting a mustang to working with upper level dressage horses, the approach is the same. His goal is to train the human partner how to teach the horse partner by making the right thing easy and the wrong thing hard.

Jared believes groundwork is the key to the equine mind, and starts all sessions from the ground. From the beginner English rider to the advanced Western rider, Jared will be able to help you correct problems or take your horse to the next level. Manners are key, and head tossing, farrier freak-outs, trailer issues, bucking/rearing and fidgeting are all issues that can be worked out individually in private lessons. Jared can help you go from a rider to a horseman or horsewoman.

To schedule a lesson with Jared call 913-909-7132