Sue BD Stables

An equestrian training facility offering lessons in western, english and trail riding.

Equestrian Apprentice Program

School Year: Saturdays 9:00-12:00 (Beginning September 16th, 2017)

Our apprenticeship program provides students ages 12-16years who demonstrate a passion for horses and their care an opportunity to experience the everyday work at a horse stable. Students gain experience, education and work history each week while working under the supervision of our Apprentice Supervisor or one of our select Riding Instructors. Each participant is required to complete routine horse care and barn management chores such as the following:

  • Cleaning Tack
  • Grooming
  • Mucking Stalls
  • Feeding and Turnout
  • Tack room clean up and organization
  • Stall and Pasture checks
  • Exercise horses
  • Assist Farrier
  • Assist Vet Days
  • Riding Instructor assistant training

Our apprenticeship program is a great way to volunteer and gain valuable experience in the equine industry. It is NOT a work-to-ride program. Our goal is to instill in our youth apprentices both professional standards as well as a strong work ethic, in addition to providing an opportunity for valuable work experience in daily horse care and equine management.

Is our apprenticeship program right for you?

As an apprentice you will attend to your duties rain or shine! You will get dirty. Tasks are both repetitive and hard. Dedication, determination and responsibility are required. All apprentices are expected to follow the guidelines of Sue BD in regards to language, dress, attendance, work ethic and professionalism.

  • Participation is mandatory

  • Tardiness is unacceptable
  • Attendance is mandatory; Please notify your supervisor of an absence within 24 hours

*** Apprentices completing 40 hours are eligible for a letter of recommendation.

How to Apply

Our application process is designed to help us determine and select participants that will both enjoy and benefit from our program.  All applicants must be current lessons students, able to take direction, accept responsibility and work well in a group as well as independently.

Junior Apprentice

12 years old minimum. Participation in a working interview and mastery of the skills and knowledge listed below:

Skill Requirements:

Catch, halter, and lead a horse.
Demonstrate the ability to stop, start and turn
Tie horse correctly
Name grooming supplies/tools
Groom a horse/Hoof care included
Name Saddle parts
Name parts of the horse 
Tack up safely and correctly
What is one reason for cooling a horse down after exercise?
Mount and Dismount without someone holding the horse
Can ride independently at a walk and trot
Demonstration of balance and appropriate posture while in saddle


School Year: Saturdays 9-12
Attend 2 Vet days
Attend 2 Farrier days
Summer Camp; Attend at least 2 weeks of camp

Requirements for Acceptance

Foundations Course (Horsemanship 101) completion and/or Sign off by an instructor
Skills and Knowledge Test