Sue BD Stables

An equestrian training facility offering lessons in western, english and trail riding.

   Come ride the trail............


Trail rides are by appointment only and require at  minimum 48 hour notice.


Our 2 hour trail ride introduces you to the beginning basics of horseback riding; grooming, as well as foundation skills and techniques, under the guidance of our Instructor.  After a short warm up ride in the arena, we’ll hit the trails - enjoying approximately an hour and a half in the saddle. 


Your ride can be scheduled at  or for more information contact our Barn Manager ( DEPOSIT REQ.)  Cost for a 2 hour ride is $70 per rider.


For insurance purposes, riders must be at least 8‐years of age.  Children under  the age of 14 are required to have a parent maintain presence on the property. All participants are required t;  sign a Release Waiver.  ( a printable copy can be found on the website). 

Riding attire:

Shorts, sweats or slick type pants are NOTallowed . Boots required! (preferably with a heel) Helmets required! – Bring your own or one will be provided for you.  FOR SAFETY Riders WILL NOT be allowed to ride without the appropriate gear and attire.

Safety “no‐no’s”:

  • No pets allowed
  • No cell phones while riding